A/C Service



During the summer, the temperature inside of a vehicle sitting in the sun can easily reach 130° or more. Maintaining passenger comfort in the hottest weather depends on a properly functioning air conditioning system. The air conditioning system works by removing the heat from air inside your vehicle and transferring it to the outside air. The conditioned air is a comfortable temperature with low humidity.

 The A/C system includes a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, pressurized refrigerant, valves and hoses—all controlled electronically. It is essential to efficient operation that the A/C system be free from leaks so that the refrigerant stays in the system. Because of the high pressures involved, contamination and normal wear, leaks can appear and affect the cooling performance of your A/C system.

The most common cause of cooling loss is when the refrigerant leaks through worn seals and o-rings, loose fittings and connections. It is recommended that you have your vehicle’s A/C system checked each year at the beginning of spring to inspect for potential problems. Preventative maintenance is important to help with a long life for your cooling system.

A properly working air conditioning system is also important for cold winter months as it works with the heating system to reduce humidity inside your vehicle keeping windows clear for safe driving.



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